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Deodorant Without Aluminium and Parabens

We only sell 100% natural deodorant without aluminum and parabens. For a clean and fresh feeling, without harmful chemicals! The natural deodorant is suitable for men and women.

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Deodorant Without Aluminium and Parabens

Deodorant without Aluminum and Parabens.

Looking for an aluminum-free deodorant? We only sell 100% natural deodorant without aluminum and parabens! The deodorant is suitable for men and women.

The deodorant is made from 100% natural ingredients, without harmful substances.

A natural deo is free from aluminum or parabens, to make safe use of it. It is that aluminum is absorbed by the glands in your armpits.

Discover our deodorant without aluminum from for example Loveli and Green People, with which you make a very conscious choice. And discover the products of The Ohm Collection and, for example, Salt of the Earth. They are all responsible and conscious choices, while you have a choice of various popular types of deo.

Paraben-free: natural deodorant

Curious why deo without parabens and aluminum is a good idea? The body is not sure what to do with this material, and therefore locks it up. This can have unpleasant causes. Initially, sweat will block. That helps in the short term, but sweating is ultimately natural, healthy and also very important. Sweat cleans up toxins from the body.

Our natural deodorant without aluminum does not prevent sweating, but focuses on its scents. In this way you use a healthy deo, which works on the basis of natural ingredients that replace bad odors.

Buy Deo without aluminum
You can choose from different types of deodorant without parabens. It is a natural choice, as you can consciously choose within sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, mascara and other cosmetics.

Tip: did you know that aluminum known is responsible for the known yellow spots in cotton and other clothing? With natural deodorant you have no last of that.

You can easily order our deodorant without aluminum online, often directly from us from our own stock. We ensure that the aluminum-free deodorant does not make use of parabens. A conscious and natural choice, with which you will continue to sweat, but will not have the last of the unpleasant odors.